Elementary School

We believe that school doesn’t have to be boring; that if we challenge, excite, nurture, and engage the whole child, we can inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Start here.

The development of a child is multifaceted; the intellectual, emotional, and physical all require care and nurturing for the formation of a healthy child. BYDS recognizes this process by utilizing appropriate teaching practices designed to address the age group served, with attention to the national education standards. Basic to the curriculum is the study of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Judaic Studies, computer, fine arts, physical education, Hebrew Language, and Spanish. Subjects considered in the “core curriculum” are mathematics, English/language arts, science, social studies, and Judaic Studies.

In our 69 years of educating students we have learned that the best curriculum is not a one-stop-shop, nor is it a one size fits all “map”. We at BYDS are always striving to look for the best practices and utilize the most efficient and appropriate ways to educate our children. We look at testing data from years past and share this information to our teachers to spot weaknesses and strengths in our current programs. Teachers and staff work to promote our school’s mission by participating in advancing our professional learning community, which means that we are constantly watching for best practices in other schools, taking in current research, and embracing the best in educational wisdom.

Elementary Academics Overview

Our curriculum spirals, so that each year we build upon what students have mastered the previous year. In this way, students can have a solid foundation as they progress along the learning continuum. One way we do this is by having teachers meet in peer groups to discuss what a particular grade level’s strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of each school year. In that way, teachers are prepared for that particular group of students they will receive that year and can plan their lessons accordingly. Because of our small class sizes, teachers are able to meet each child along his or her cognitive development to help their students reach their highest potential whether a child is struggling with the current topic or if that child has mastered it and is ready to move on to the next step of the curriculum.

Here, what’s best for children drives the curriculum—not tests. The beauty, in addition to small class sizes and a passionate collection of teachers who care about teaching (and teaching Jewishly), is that we are raising students who are not afraid to question. It’s where passionate educators are empowered to teach, and intimate classrooms are places of joy, exploration, and respect for one another. It’s where bright students learn to tap into their curiosity and search for answers, rather than memorize them. Our students are confident enough to question what they have learned, to question their peers, to question their teachers, and to question themselves. Because we know it’s good to be good, but it’s better to be better. And BYDS students are better. It shows in our actions, it shows in our test scores, it shows in our alumni.

Through a balanced literacy approach BYDS program prepares students to be formidable, independent readers, writers and critical thinkers.

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The teaching of mathematics follows a multifaceted, comprehensive that incorporates daily math, both in formal lessons and also through seizing the teaching moment.

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Students learn through multiple hands-on experiments, engineering projects, group discussions, and reading and writing activities.

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Students develop a knowledge of the world as a global community. The content is presented in units that focus on geography, history, economics, political systems, and cultures.

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Our mission is to teach traditional knowledge and promote meaningful experiences. We promote pride in our Jewish heritage and commitment to our people and moral principles.

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At BYDS we have an amazing collection of ancillary activities, students experience a minimum of 8 hours weekly exploring music, art, Spanish, Hebrew, and physical growth and development. As they progress through school our students enjoy even more time, a minimum of 12 hours weekly for our 5th graders, in these specialty courses.

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We make education matter for our students after BYDS, and middle schools welcome our graduates not just for their academic strength but also for their sense of purpose, community, and activism. Over 95 percent of our graduates are accepted into one of their top-choice middle schools.

Committed to the Future

At Beth Yeshurun Day School, we are committed to helping our children develop mastery and confidence in their academic studies and social skills. We offer a strong curriculum, which includes an important Judaic Studies component. Our staff seeks to nurture the individual strengths of each child. Students have opportunities in the classroom and the school for leadership and partnership. Our students are taught an awareness of their responsibility as a part of a community that supports each other.

We feel it is important to develop a strong relationship with our families in order to provide the most positive experience for every child. Our goal is to prepare our students to advance in future educational endeavors with the confidence and skills to succeed.