Student Testimonials

Beth Yeshurun not only provided me with an excellent early education, but I was also exposed to teachers who taught and reinforced fundamental Jewish values. To this day, many of my closest friends are from my years at Beth Yeshurun – and I’m grateful that I now have the opportunity to send my children there. They absolutely love the school.
Keith Wolf | Class of ‘86

Throughout my education at BYDS, I was surrounded by a warm and nurturing environment that fostered a love of learning in a wide variety of Jewish and secular areas. It also connected me to the Jewish community and formed the basis for many lifelong friends that I have until today. It’s great to watch our children grow and learn in the BYDS environment my school continues to offer.
Shay Kuperman | Class of ‘88

My favorite subject is Judaic Studies. Look – I’ve got friends at every school around this area, but the way we do Judaics makes Beth Yeshurun perfect for me. As I said before, the teachers here make learning fun. From the weekly Dvar Torah to the fun biblical stories to the huge holiday celebrations, my Jewish identity becomes stronger with every year that I am here.
Jack Lane | Current 4th grader

The teachers I’ve had have all made learning fun…They simplify the more complicated concepts and make them easier to understand. Even with the easier concepts the teachers still break it down for us. We often use games and watch videos to supplement our learning. We often break out into even smaller groups because many brains are better than one. Each year, each grade performs a play in front of the school to show everyone else what we’ve learned. If we don’t understand the concept being taught, each teacher will come talk to us one on one to help guide us.
Jack Lane | Current 4th grader

BYDS more than educated me, it helped shape my character. Jewish day school’s influence reaches far beyond the years we spend at school. I am glad and grateful for my knowledge, pride, and passion for Jewish life that is my legacy from BYDS. More importantly, the confidence that I built during my formative years prepared me to live in a world that can often send challenges our way.
Erica Goldberg | Class of ‘93